Grantham Journal letters: Fantastic show in wonderful venue

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I recently had the pleasure of seeing the Harrowby Singers’ fantastic production of Sister Act in the magnificent setting of St Wulfram’s Church.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

Emma Taylor as the lead character was excellent, as were all the other members of the talented cast, and the surprise appearance of 
Father Stuart as The Pope was brilliant.

The raised seating in the central aisle meant everyone had a great view without having to peer round the aged stone columns. The singing was superb and the amusing moments were really funny, especially those led by Oliver Hook. It was undoubtedly a Saturday afternoon well spent.

I still can’t believe that one of the senior cast members dressed as a nun was evicted from Cafe Bleu the week before. One can only imagine what would have happened if a lady dressed obviously from a different faith had been treated in the same way!

I will definitely be buying tickets for Harrowby Singers’ next show, though a future visit to Cafe Bleu is unlikely after their behaviour towards one of our well-known local senior citizens, especially as she was dressed in a well known Christian “habit”.

Lynda North

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