Grantham Journal letters: Fears for future of Walton Girls. Petition.

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My daughter attends Walton Girls’ High School and I am concerned about their proposal to change it into a mixed-sex school (co-educational).

The Academy has now formally submitted the proposal to the Department for Education during the week commencing 13th November 2017. I fear that to become mixed-sex Walton will no longer be unique and it will lose significant strength. I am deeply worried that this proposal is being forced through no matter what. The consultation process bares all the hallmarks of a PR-exercise and trying to get a done deal.

An online petition has been set up for those who wish for Walton Girls’ High School to remain as a girls’ school at:

Also, those wishing to write to the Dept. for Education can do so quoting the reference ENQ-240894-L5W8C1, the address is: John Edwards, Regional Schools Commissioner for East Midlands and the Humber, Academies Regional Delivery Group, East Midlands and the Humber, Level 6, St Paul’s Place, 125 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, S1 2FJ. Email:

Dr Alexander Kim

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