Grantham Journal letters: Get people into church!

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I’ve been reading the recent ‘scandalous’ reports about the beer festival at St Wulfram’s Church with interest.

Yes, it is a slightly unorthodox method of getting people into the church, but, as a member of a smaller church, I understand how difficult a task this can be.

Unfortunately, support for the church is dying out and becoming less significant amongst the younger generation (as a whole) – if even one person comes to visit St Wulfram’s and decides to visit again or support the church financially as a result of the festival, then it is a victory for the church and Christianity as a whole.

I have also seen nothing but respect from any of the schools who have used the church for events, (whether it be KGGS, King’s or the National School), and so cannot understand the comments from previous weeks about their conduct, or its significance in relation to holding a beer festival.

I congratulate the PCC of St Wulfram’s for their success with this event last year, and wish them well this year, as nice as traditional church events and sermons can be, the faith needs to be rekindled in some, and remind others of what they have on their doorstep.

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