Grantham Journal letters: Gone too far with forces comments

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I have just read the latest letter from Mr Andrews (Journal, September 22, 2017) and I really think he has gone too far this time.

I refer to his remarks concerning the cadets by telling them not to join and that if they choose to go on to have a career in the Armed Forces that they could be classed as war criminals.

By saying this Mr Andrews, you have not only highly offended me but also all the parents of sons or daughters currently serving in our very fine Armed Forces, helping to make sure that the British people are able to have the free life that we do today and the freedom of speech that you seem to enjoy so much.

Many cadets who go on to join the forces by choice have a good life that they enjoy while doing an important and worthwhile job serving their country and should be respected for doing so, some of whom may have ended up on the dole and consequently ended up in trouble.

I also note, Mr Andrews, that your usual political view is used yet again to brainwash our younger generation.

Who will it be next – the scouts and guides?

Ray Fenn

Princess Drive, Grantham