Grantham Journal letters: Hospital demolition plan

Oldest part of Grantham Hospital, which ULHT hopes to demolish.
Oldest part of Grantham Hospital, which ULHT hopes to demolish.
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The Journal has received several letters on the plans to demolish the old part of Grantham Hospital.

So, the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust is putting together a planning application to demolish the old hospital building (140 years old), arguing that it is ‘not fit for purpose’. They want to replace it with car parking.

Well perhaps if they had maintained the building, instead of letting it get into its current state of disrepair, they would not have to spend as much.

I have been passing by the old cottage hospital facade for many years and have witnessed the sad decline of the old building.

I wonder if the highly paid “suits” would have allowed their own homes to get into such a sorry state?

Russell Cook

Manthorpe Road, Grantham

So the powers that be want to pull down part of the hospital because it is in need of major repairs.

Who let it get into this state? The hospital trust of course.

That’s the idea, now they can demolish it because they say it will cost too much to repair. It’s like everything else, they creep in the back door to close everything down.

Miriam Tiernan

via Facebook

Grateful thanks to Councillor Ray Wootten who was enquiring why the former hospital is to be pulled down. Thank you for the hard work you do for Grantham sir.

Reading the report in the Journal, my mind went back to when a former Lord Brownlow was Mayor of Grantham. This gentleman was a benefactor to Grantham Hospital and gave land for hospital use. The land had a covenant on it.

I wrote to the present Lord Brownlow, who now lives abroad, asking about the covenant. I received a letter in reply from a local estate agent saying Lord Brownlow did not wish to get involved.

This made me think. Was the land that had a covenant on sold for building and did the estate agent receive commission on the sale? It is alleged that some land was sold for a large sum of money.

Perhaps the trust could inform the people of Grantham where this money went and why it was not used for Grantham Hospital, where it was originally intended.

Les Malt

Name and address supplied

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust plans to demolish the old stone-built hospital must make many shocked readers wonder exactly why this is the Trust’s preferred option.

The Trust facilities manager, Ian Hayden, says that the rooms don’t comply with modern hospital standards, but this is hardly surprising when a 140-year-old building has been deliberately allowed to deteriorate through negligent or non-existent mainenance thus providing some sort of perverse excuse to demolish it.

Demolition would be expensive, as would provision of a temporary car park which itself could well be destroyed at yet more cost for some totally vague “future development”.

The destructive option is, of course, the laziest choice, but with a little creative imagination the splendid stone facade could be retained and the neglected roof and interior refurbished, re-designed and converted for attractive residential use.

Properly done, this would be completely cost-effective - as has been recently demonstrated by the successful conversion of a Victorian NHS building in central Grimsby into several one- and two-bedroom apartments.

Before planning authorities at any political level give approval to start up the bulldozers on Manthorpe Road, could they please look at some of the more modern architectural aberrations in Grantham - the Post Office at the Wharf Road/High Street corner, plus those hideous boxes at the west end of Bridge End Road come immediately to mind. Now there would be no shortage of enthusiastic volunteers to help demolish those!

Brian Bruce