Grantham Journal letters: I moved here for a better life

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I have been a Grantham Journal reader for seven years, the time I been living in Grantham.

Originally I am from Slovakia, came to England like many others, to have better life. I worked for 11 years in England then I got pregnant and recently I have been on maternity leave.

The reason I am writing is an incredible racism I was a victim two weeks ago. I must say it wasn’t first time’s just what a person with non English accent must deal with , if you do a customer services job.

So here is my very fresh experience. I went to town with my little boy in his pram and entering B&M Bargain shop in town I held the door for an elderly man walking with a stick. I let him pass and asked if he is OK. His answer was: “Yes and where are you come from ?” I answered politely. He asked me : “Why are you here?”

I answered I am here because of it is a better quality of life. Then the man started to offend me verbally saying the government is going to send us all home, we are taking jobs from English people, no-one want us..I was shocked. Still holding myself, I told him, for sure criminals will be sent away, but honest, hardworking people will stay. He kept repeating all this nonsense.

I am sad and I am offended. I been working in England for 11 years, been a good citizen and still for some people its not enough! I hope this message will reach this old man, who really upset me by being racist, cruel and simply nasty.

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