Grantham Journal letters: Lions Variety Concert

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A big thank you to the Lions for putting on a brilliant show at Walton Girls’ School on Sunday.

You don’t realise how much talent there is in Grantham until you go to a show like this. It was a really enjoyable afternoon.

Pat and Cyril Goode

Barrowby Gate, Grantham

I have enjoyed the last seven weeks in Grantham visiting family and friends, during which time we have met some really wonderful people and attended several local events, including Gravity Fields.

However, the concert facilitated by Grantham Lions Club at Walton Girls was truly a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. The calibre of talent was exceptional and having had the opportunity to see stage shows at a number of venues throughout the world, I felt compelled to congratulate the organisers and performers.

Rae Porter

South Australia