Grantham Journal letters: Many drivers not paying attention

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Regarding the special report on road safety (Journal, November 10).

I am a retired police officer from Kent and was a first class advanced driver.

I patrolled all the motorways and A class roads in Kent for 16 years.

In my opinion most accidents are caused when either motorists are driving too fast or not concentrating on their driving.

The things to consider are:- Concentration, Observation and Anticipation.

Concentration is paying attention to what is on the road. Observation is looking ahead, further than the bonnet of your car. Looking up the road for road junctions or any thing else that might cause a danger. Anticipation is thinking ahead as to what might happen, especially on country roads.

I see many drivers talking and looking at their passengers instead of looking ahead. Even travelling at 30mph, your vehicle is travelling 44 feet per second (13.53 metres per second). So in one second looking at your passenger, your vehicle has travelled that distance, without you knowing what is happening in front of you and could be vital when travelling in town where pedestrians could walk out in front of you.

On the open roads in the county I often see bunches of flowers, indicating where somebody has died.

I moved to Lincolnshire in 2002 and since then I have noticed drivers are driving much faster. You should always drive to the weather conditions, in other words when it is raining or the roads are wet, you should leave a greater distance between you and the vehicle in front.

I think the idea of community speed checks is a good idea, because most village parish councils get complaints of speeding in their villages.

Since the Road Policing Team have been spread out to cover other counties we see fewer police vehicles on our roads.

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