Grantham Journal letters: McDonald’s site was a ‘mistake’

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The location of a McDonald’s restaurant in close proximity to one of the busiest junctions in Grantham was clearly an oversight or possibly a mistake by those who were paid to make recommendations regarding our environmental well-being and safety.

However, it happened and it is there.

At the very best of times the traffic in this locality does not flow well because of the incongruous mixture of retail and commercial outlets that have been permitted. The situation is now further exacerbated as what appeared to be a number of uncoordinated contractors working on the renovation of McDonald’s moving in and out of the site and causing all kinds of delays. If there was a benefit cost analysis then evidently this did not include the consequences for those people that live in Grantham.

Isn’t it time that McDonald’s and other providers in this area are given notice and encouraged to relocate to an appropriate setting?

Steve Welton

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