Grantham Journal letters: New homes are necessary

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I read with interest Councillor Wootten’s recent column in the Grantham Journal about Allison Homes’ planning application for 550 new homes on land north of Longcliffe Road.

As the planning consultant working on this project with Allison Homes, I felt that it was important to respond so that people are aware of how this proposal will benefit the town.

We all know that too many people are being denied the opportunity to own their own home because we don’t build enough houses to meet demand. Levels of home ownership fell from 69 per cent in 2001 to 64 per cent in 2011 – and will continue to fall if we continue to build fewer houses than are needed for local families.

The council says that 7,000 new homes need to be built in Grantham by 2026. Our plans will help to meet that need.

We have been discussing our plans with South Kesteven District Council (SKDC) and other statutory agencies for some time. As Councillor Wootten notes, SKDC has identified the site as having potential to be developed. The council has told us that although there are a number of issues that require further consideration there is potential to resolve these.

We will now be working with the council and other agencies to address these issues over the next few weeks.

We have listened carefully to the concerns of local people and have made significant adjustments to our original 2010 proposals in order to meet them, not least reducing the number of houses from 1,000 to a maximum of 550 and changing the access route to the site. As a result of these changes, Lincolnshire County Council’s Highways Department says that it has no objection to the current proposals, hopefully providing reassurance that we are planning for and managing these issues sensitively.

We are hopeful that, given the pressing need for more housing in Grantham, the council will grant permission for this development.

Full details of the plan are published on the website at

Tony Aspbury

Aspbury Planning