Grantham Journal letters: Please reunite us with our Grantham relatives.

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My late Great-Grandparents Jasper Alexander Boyne and Agnes West Scott Boyne (nee McConnell) moved to Grantham from Glasgow some years ago along with their son Fred and daughter Moira.

We believe that Fred and Moira, who have both also since passed, had families of their own who still live in or around the Grantham area.

As a result of a bitter falling out many years ago between my Grandfather and Great-Grandparents we unfortunately have no means of getting in touch with our Grantham relatives.

Please could descendants of Jasper and Agnes Boyne contact me, James Hill (grandson of the late Alexander Robert McConnell Boyne) by e-mail at - your relatives in Glasgow would really love to hear from you and heal the wounds of the past.

James Hill