Grantham Journal letters: Repair is an insult to users of road

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Having been closed for five days for “repair”, it has transpired that this was little more than a joke and an insult to the intelligence of the many users of Gonerby Lane, Allington.

The work could have been done in a couple of days at most.

None of the really eroded verges have been filled in and most of the work has been done where there was no problem, and the material used is minimal and unsuitable.

The deep and dangerous undulations remain. This road needs properly haunching and piling.

However, some good news. After six months, many reportings and three excursions over it, there are now two shiny new ‘Keep Left’ signs at the offset roundabout at the bottom of Newark Hill, near Downtown. Bravo!

Lincolnshire Highways users deserve an in-depth report on just how badly the department is run and those “in charge” could do with a good shake-up or, preferably, replacement. Lack of money is no longer a valid excuse.

W Banks