Grantham Journal letters: Shame to see Dryden’s close

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I was saddened to hear of the closure of Dryden’s in Westgate and to be told of the death of the gentleman who ran the shop.

I was an infrequent customer. The shop always seemed to get more full of stock, with hardly an inch to spare, and was a real Aladdin’s cave.

When I started work in the 1970s I saved the remains of my wages to spend on the family stall in front of the shop on Saturday market days.

Grantham has lost one of its final treasures, now Mr Dryden has gone.

n On another subject, surely the best place to hold the Christmas market is in Market Place and Westgate. Here, there is plenty of space for stalls and attractions, and there is parking close at hand.

This is far better than being squeezed on to St Peter’s Hill, and having to cross High Street.

When I attended one of the previous Christmas markets there was a lovely atmosphere.

Offering the Westgate retailers a stall to display a selection of their wares isn’t much consolation.

Please reconsider, and put the Christmas market back in the Market Place.

Sally Weston