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Grantham Journal letters: Sounds about right

Reader's letter
Reader's letter

Our much heraldedby-pass has been delayed again, and phase two may now have to start after Christmas.

That sounds about right; a large road-building project going into winter will give another ready-made excuse for yet another delay.

Having written to the Journal over the years on this subject many times, in fact, the last occasion only being two months ago, when it was stated that phase two will start early June and all the finance and permissions required were in place. Is the money just sitting around then or has it been used for another more important project?

Perhaps Coun Richard Davies can get together with MP Nick Boles and make some sort of statement that can explain, if the above is factual, why the people of Grantham are again being treated as idiots.

It was only a couple of months ago that we had pictures in the Journal of the appointed contractor and Mr Davies moving stuff around by the A1 in preparation for the start. This, of course, was just before the local elections.

The same thing happened at the start of phase one; we had early hedge clearing being carried out just before the last lot of local elections.

We are not being told the truth over this matter by some of our elected officials; no doubt some well thought out excuse will be presented as some forgotten measure or unseen before problem has been found.

If this was being carried out by a private company the people responsible would no doubt at least be asked to resign. Fat chance of that happening in this case as political futures may depend on following the line.

Stuart Allan

By email

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