Grantham Journal letters: Support the NHS!

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Good on all those people who made the effort to turn out to march on October 14 through Grantham to protest about the injustice done to the NHS as a whole.

There were those who couldn’t march, wouldn’t march or couldn’t be bothered.

Needless to say, there were not many young people amongst the marchers (and there were not as many marchers as in the last march) but I do not think that they realise the significance of fighting for what we as a nation put there in the first place.

The NHS is ours and the only way of stopping this dreadful erosion is to make our voices heard. So please remember, if your husband, wife, son, daughter, girlfriend, grandma or granddad had a stroke after 6.30pm, for example, the ambulance has little time to get to them (if indeed there is an ambulance available) to Lincoln (40 minutes on a blue light) to get seen at A&E (timing – who knows?). The damage is done and is usually irreversible.

Whereas if Grantham A&E was open 24/7, this would not happen. This is just one scenario, there can be many.

However, the NHS Uprising is not just about Grantham A&E, it’s about different support groups throughout the country being one voice to save their services.

So if this bothers your conscience at all, then get out and do something about it!

Nancy Ellerby