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I read with interest the article, Otters coming to Grantham, by Darren Greenwood.

We have a lake which is connected to the River Witham by the outflow. Over the last three years the lake has been visited by otters on numerous occasions and they have killed many carp to nearly 30lbs, bitten under the throat, dragged to the side of the lake and then only half eaten. This is very distressing as we’ve had these fish 20 plus years. They have also devastated the water bird population of the lake, taking young birds and eggs in the nesting season. I wonder if Mr West and the Otter Trust would like to contribute to the £6,000 to replace our fish. I quote from the article - ‘the water quality is good, it’s nice habitat for the fish,trout,and fresh water crayfish’. What do otters like best, trout, crayfish, eels and carp, – ‘the white claw crayfish is already endangered and is only found in small areas around the country now’.

I think if they were killing people’s pet cats and dogs there would be an outcry,but they are only fish aren’t they! A farmer is allowed to shoot a dog if its caught worrying sheep. We aren’t allowed to do anything.

I’ve had a keen inerest in wildlife all my life and know what devastation introducing an ace predator willy nillie to areas without consultation with local land owners’ permission can cause huge changes to the local wildlife.

So come on Mr West and the Otter Trust lets have the whole story.

Alan Newcombe

By email