Grantham Journal letters: Tell us what is going on with by-pass please

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The heading Grantham by-pass is very appropriate for the manner in which the people in charge of the project have dealt with it.

Last week we had statements from Highways executive more or less repeating statements we had published this time last year, hedge clearing and digs, plus now lots of legal requirements that contradicted the “ everything has been done and in place other than some talks with network rail over the bridge “ stated last year, it will not be long now before we will need hedge clearing on some of the Phase One roads.

What is going on ? it would be nice to be told the truth than constantly being fed this rubbish by unqualified people who could not manage to run a proverbial drink in a pub, to put it nicely. A civil engineer should have been appointed with a brief that gave him total non-political control over this project and its funding, reporting only to the senior exec, with deadlines set and published.

Again folks, just keep an eye on how fast the the new road builds go ahead around Lincoln, no problems with finance, highways re-surfacing, huge legal work, digs and hedge clearing, can it be as with the hospital the men in charge place Grantham below others, other than getting as much finance from us as possible?

Our MP has not mentioned this project since he went back to work and presently seems more intent on publicity for his book than concerns and action over this subject, perhaps he could spend a little time to do so and inform us of the same.

Stuart Allan

By e-mail