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Grantham Journal letters: 'Thank you to all under-resourced NHS staff'

By Grantham Reporter

To the consultant at Grantham Hospital who – when told that the instrument that he needed to do a final examination on my eyes to give me a definitive answer for my condition – was broken, being repaired, and as yet not back, put his head in his hands, and when I said, ‘please do not worry,’ replied ‘I do, I do’, I would like to say THANK YOU.

Thank you for trying to do your job under really difficult circumstances.

Thank you for caring – it was clearly very distressing for you, and I was one of your first patients that day.

Thank you for leaving your beautiful European country to offer your expertise here.

I have been referred to another hospital for this test.

My condition is not life-threatening – I will not have to face the ongoing daily stress of that consultant having to tell people that he cannot do his job properly, through no fault of his own.

I sincerely hope that he has very effective stress management tools to help him through the day.

In his book ‘When the body says NO – the hidden cause of stress’, Gabor Mate states that if we do not say NO, and take care of ourselves, the body will step in and do it for us.

I cannot imagine the pressure on those working in the precious NHS, under funded, under staffed, under resourced, but send out a heart felt plea that they give the same concerns for themselves as they do the patients who walk through their doors every day.

CiCi Collins

By email

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