Grantham Journal letters: Time to name and shame drivers

Dozy Parker
Dozy Parker
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I am always pleased to see photographs in your newspaper of lazy motorists illegally parking blatantly ignoring all parking regulations in order to save a few minutes of their time.

However, I do think that you can make your photos much more of a deterrent by not pixilating the vehicle’s registration number and really shaming the driver.

Why do you not forward them to the appropriate SKDC department for them to issue a fixed penalty notice - after all you have the evidence that traffic wardens and also Magistrates Courts use for issuing a FPN? More income for SKDC in these times of reduced council budgets.

The police do not take action against illegally parked motorists these days.

Perhaps you will then make your photos more effective rather than another anonymous Fiesta/Corsa etc 
photographed parked illegally and possibly deter other motorists from doing the same.

John Bennett

Watt Avenue, 

Editor’s note: It’s a fair question but we believe that the Journal’s role is to highlight and illustrate the issues that our readers are concerned about, we are not an enforcement agency and we are not an extension of traffic patrols or speed cameras.