Grantham Journal letters: Use of church is utterly disgraceful

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I wholeheartedly support the letter from Mary Hubble in last week’s Journal (October 6, 2017).

The way St Wulfram’s is being used is utterly disgraceful.

As a previous member of staff at the King’s School Selective Academy I often objected to the church being used for end-of-term assemblies. The church filled with noisy students and staff was totally disrespectful.

At no time were the boys asked to behave in the expected respectful manner in church.

The church is consecrated ground, full of the graves of numerous of Grantham’s previous citizens. As a place of worship I am dismayed that the beer festival and other events were allowed to take place.

Surely we have numerous other venues suitable for a festival, The Meres perhaps the most obvious.

Would a mosque or a synagogue permit such an event? Why do we disrespect the Christian faith in this manner?

I now call on worshippers to call for such use to cease.

Richard Wilk