Grantham Journal letters: We will have to pay for increases

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I have attended the last three meetings of our district council and the first impression I had was that the new leader does not like to be questioned over any decisions and that the leading group will always agree with their leader.

At last week’s meeting, the leader was asked why SKDC are having so many consultants in when the councillor concerned felt that the district council officers could do the job as well. The reply back from the leader was along the lines of that’s the way it is and get used to it.

As you are aware, the councillors agreed to give themselves an increase. A request was made for a recorded vote and as it takes 10 members to agree to this, it went to a vote. Thirteen members supported the motion but not one from the leading group. It was agreed that the council would have a increase in allowances but not one member of the leading group opposed the motion - some may have abstained. This will give a running cost for councillors of over £450,000 per year. There will only be one person that has to pay for this and that is us, the council tax payers.

David Fowler

Barleycroft Road