Grantham Journal letters: Where’s NHS cash?

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As I write this letter I am looking at a picture of the 2016 Brexit battle bus.

Written in large letters on the side of the bus was a promise that upon leaving the EU, some £350 million a week will be devoted to the NHS. So when is A&E coming back to Grantham Hospital on a 24\7 basis? When is the threat of closing the hospital totally going to be lifted?

Given the planning applications in the pipeline for hundreds, if not thousands, of new houses to be built in the Grantham area, why does it seem that that the only blueprint for medical services in the area is to pare it down to the bone ( no pun intended)?

Before anyone accuses me of being a ‘remoaner’ may I point out that in 2016 I voted out as I did in 1975. All I want is the NHS to be properly funded and to be there for all.

Chris Bunting