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Grantham Journal letters: Why was umbrella left behind?

Last week, one of my neighbours - or even just a passer-by - left a broken golfing umbrella next to everyone’s dustbins, which were lined at the end of our avenue, ready for their weekly emptying on Friday. Their intention was obviously that the dustbinmen (sorry: waste operatives) should take the umbrella away.

On Friday evening, guess what? You’re right: the umbrella was still where it had been left. In fact it had actually been moved - but nevertheless, left.

What is the matter with these people? It would seem that, rather than recycle the broken (I checked) umbrella, the SKDC employees would prefer to leave it as litter. In the current climate of railing against litter, this is highly inappropriate.

So what if it’s against any SKDC rules, whatever they might be? I really don’t care.

Over the weekend, I needed to ‘do a ‘recycle’, so the umbrella made a little journey in my car and was placed in the metals skip at Alexander Road. Job done.

David Feld

By email

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