Grantham Journal letters: Worst roads we have seen

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I would like to comment on the state of Grantham’s roads. Not only the worst potholes we have seen for many a year, but the pollution, and the road markings.

Starting with the pot holes, I was confronted with a car approaching me on my side of New Beacon Road the other day, and for a second, thought the driver was drunk but all the poor guy was doing was avoiding the mini quarry not far from the school .

It is a disgrace and some of the other gaping caverns are large enough to tip a motor cyclist over the bars and into other traffic. Something must be done ASAP.

Second point is the road markings which are at best misleading and at worst not there at all. Parking is a joke with far to many cars blocking pavements and illegally parked, the main problem being the lack of enforcement and spaces, whilst the attitude of self entitlement is rife.

The planning of the traffic in Grantham is very poorly implemented with too many sets of traffic lights and many traffic relieving routes cut off by useless one way ‘systems’ causing queues that would otherwise not exist.

There are yellow box junctions which defeat the object for which they were intended. All of these ‘features’ result in pollution and does not take a lot of brain cells to realise why?

But our council keep harping on about the areas of pollution that exist and how to reduce them. They have made the rod for their backs and are now finding it is kicking them in the shins. I have not seen any measures put forward to reduce the pollution except for a token announcement that there is to be four electric cars on the council fleet.

Vehicles that are run by the council and do less than 100 miles per day should be (as they become eligible) replaced with electrically driven vehicles and the charging infrastructure should be ramping up for the influx of such vehicles.

If the traffic situation was altered to reduce un-neccesary queues and the adoption of less polluting vehicles, the town would be a far more pleasant place to be. With the new housing and nothing relevant being done to the roads I can’t see much progress any time soon.

David Pepperdine

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