Grantham Journal reader letter: Children’s home pals from 1952

Photo:  Robert Woods
Photo: Robert Woods
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This photograph is of children that were in St Catherine’s Children’s Home in July 1952.

I note that the home has recently been demolished; it was on St Catherine’s Road, half way down on the right, just before you go up the hill.

I am back, left, (Robert Woods). My elder brother (John Woods) is on the centre row, fourth in from the left, and my sister (Winifred Woods) is on the front row.

I became a Lt Col in the Army, John is now deceased but was a local businessman in Grantham for many years at Cox’s. Winifred is now a mother of five and grandmother to four grandchildren.

I was wondering if any of the children still live in Grantham or surrounding area; many will now be in their 70s/80s. I now live in Bourne, having retired some years ago from the Army. My email address is should you wish to contact me.

Robert Woods, Bourne