Grantham Journal Review of the Year: October

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Grantham county councillor Richard Davies called the Springfield Road works a “hugely embarrassing project” after further delays.

He admitted: “Even though the main delay was due to factors beyond our control, we are guilty of making our own mistakes too. This is clearly unacceptable.”

The disruption lasted 13 weeks and many Journal readers branded it a waste of time and money, especially when it was revealed a three-car left turn had been created using £100,000 from Bovis Homes in return for permission to builtd houses.

Another possible threat to A&E and Grantham Hospital saw MP Nick Boles state in his column: “I suggest United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust’s managers and clinical leaders spend rather more of their time sorting out the problems in its hospitals in Boston and Lincoln and stop undermining the hospital in Grantham, which is the only one that seems to be doing a good job.”

Young scooter riders were blamed for damaging the G-Zone skatepark in Wyndham Park, committee members saying the park was built for BMXs, inline skates and skateboards. The park was closed because it had become too dangerous.

Later in the month, a heated emergency meeting of the skatepark committee ended with a vow to raise £150,000 for a hard-wearing concrete structure.

Margaret Thatcher’s ashes were buried at Royal Hospital Chelsea next to those of her husband, Sir Denis, watched by their children, Sir Mark and Carol Thatcher.

South Kesteven District Council said it would withdraw its funding to many of Grantham’s community events after 2015, but would help volunteers to secure and sponsorship to enable them to carry on.

Ward Six of Grantham Hospital was closed, with hospital bosses saying it was down to “ward configuration.”

A spokesman for the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust said beds elsewhere in the building had been empty for some time so it was more efficient to “bring all the closed beds together in one ward and strengthen staff in other areas by moving them from the closed ward to the wards when the beds remain open.” The spokesman added there were no plans to close the children’s Kingfisher Ward.

The 775th Corby Glen Sheep Fair was one of the busiest ever.

The last surviving British Dambuster made an emotional visit to Grantham to visit St Vincent’s – home of Bomber Command during the Second World War – for the first time. Squadron Leader George ‘Johnny’ Johnson, now 93, had never been in the building which is now a family home. Mr Johnson said: “It has been 72 years and this is the place where all my orders came from. We did just what we were supposed to do.”

Rich Hockley won the Honda Civic Cup for the third time at Brands Hatch.