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Grantham Journal Valentine's Day messages: Is there a romantic message for you?

Gent, Jon: Happy Valentine’s baby, you’re my world, my rock, my everything. Can’t eva imagine life without you, love you millions x k x

Gent, Kayleigh: Happy Valentine’s day to the best mum, you’re amazing in everything you do for us and our step-dad Jon. Have the best day, love your tribe xx

FLIPPER, SUE: Love you and love being married to you. I couldn’t ask for more. All my love, BLUE EYES IAN.

Valentine's Day messages (6490357)
Valentine's Day messages (6490357)

Janie: I love you to the stars and back, always yours, Davey xx

MCSHEFFREY, PAUL: I love you. You’re my everything. You’re my solemate. Love u loads xxx


Faichnie, Karen: Happy Valentine’s Day Karen. Lots of love forever. Glenn xxxx

BILLS, Natalie: Happy Valentine, love from us all Darren, Phoebe, Fiona, Damian & James xxx xxx xxx xxx

Martyn: Unfortunately you are getting better looking with age, love always Bug xxx

Bill’s, Darren:Love you more than words can say! Forever your adoring wife, Natalie xxx

Bill’s, Darren: Happy Valentine’s Day to the best daddy in the world! Love Phoebe, Fiona, Damian and James xxx

Natalie Willets: Roses are red Violets are blue your my Valentine because I love you . Lots of love from Adam xxxx

Wright, Anna: Looking forward to making lots of special memories together, all my love, Paul

Mr J:I will love you forever thank you for being you your Mrs J xxx

Doctor, MSK: I need you and I love you, you carry me everywhere. Forever! Your knees xxx

Teddy bear: You mean the world to me my teddy bear love you forever happy valentine’s Day xxxxxxxxxxxx

V: Love you to the moon and back, here’s to many memories together xoxo

Ashley McClean: I love you so much. Thankyou for being you and the perfect father to our kids. Love Shelley xxxxx

Smart, Leon: I love you today tomorrow and forever even though you are annoying xxxBxxxx

Keith Dolby: Happy valentines day have a lovely day love you loads and all way will xxx

Simon Dobson: Happy Valentine’s Day, all my love as always kerry xxxxx

Dear, Steph: I would like to wish you a special Valentine’s Day I hope you have a wonderful day I love you xxx

TITCH: To my favourite morning coffee companion! Everyday I wake up next to you I feel so lucky and proud. Love you always, my penguin for life xxx love you like buzzlightyear

Becca Athens: You’re amazing and am and idoit your smash uni I know that muchxxxxxx

Talbot, Roxy: Sometimes you drive me nuts.

Mr Cole: Love you always Mr Cole! Best Partner and Amazing dad love me and Baby C xxxxx

Langton, Jay: Happy valentine’s day baby love you helen xxxx

Bignell, Ashley: I love you babes more than words can say! Love hannah xxxxxxxxx

Bignell, Hannah: I’ve loved you from day one sweetheart, and I’ll never stop. Happy Valentine’s Day. Love Ash xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cooke, Stephanie: Happy valentine’s day love you more and more each day. Love Simon

Gibson, Paul: Happy valentines day babe love you to the moon and back love from kelly.. xxxx

Claire Doughty: u are the best love u always babe xxx

Lissy: Happy love you day lots of love Nanna & Grandad xxx

Nigel Fisher: Happy Valentine’s Day to my soul mate and best friend. All my love Lisa xxx

Temperton, Dave: I love you so much and am so proud of everything you have achieved, feel privileged to call you my husband xx love K xxx

Temperton, Dave: Daddy we love you so much and you are the best dad ever lots of love Poppy and Florence xxxx

Vicky: I’ll always be there for you like you have for me. I love you with all my heart. Robert xxx

Hack, Robbie: We love you so very much, thank you for all you do, love your number ones N, M and S xxxxx

Faith Redmile-Hayes: I love you with all my heart now and forever xxxxxxx

Dowsett, Ann: All my love Gorgeous. Phil xxxx

Cannniford, Jo: Thanks for all you do luv ur, ur blue van man.

Tullo, Phil: WoW 24 years together today, Happy Anniversary and Valentine’s Day darling love you today, tomorrow & always xxxx

Higgs, Colby-Dean: Happy Valentine’s Day to my one and only forever true love. Forever and always, Love Mummy. X x x

Wellington, Jean: Loved you for 30years and looking forward for many more all my Love CP

Matt, Rands: Always yours, H xx

Harrison, Andrew: Happy valentines day I love you 10 years on still going strong u are my world lots love Claire xxx

Love you poppet - from Hun xxxx

Brown, Sarah: Happy first valentines together babe. Thanks for everything you do for me love Tony xxxx

Charlie Chaplin: I love you and can’t wait for the future xxx H xxx

Tracy Dixon: Wishing my lovely beautifulwife tracy dixon a very loving valentines day love ya hubby

DOWSETT, PHIL: Love you with all my heart always yours Ann xxxx

Esam, Nick : Happy valentine’s day babe love you millions everyday xxx

Osborn, Joy:You’ll always be my valentine from the day we met. Happy 22nd Wedding Anniversary for Valentines Day.
Love you loads John xxx

Gunnett, Marie: Happy Valentine’s babygirl looooove you xxxxscott&zoawexxxx

Will: Happy Valentines Day Will love you always Diane xx

Ellis, Sarah: Happy valentines thank you for all you do for me and the children x”

Blakeman, Ann: Happy valentines from all of us thanks for all you doIan,Sarah ,Sophie,Katie ,Josh x

Ellis,Sue: Happy valentines thanks for all you do for us love from Ian ,Richard ,Marie x

BECKELLSPLACE: Happy Valentines dayBeckell..Thank you for another wonderful year.. Love you always from your special Fruit XXXXX .

Devereux, Sarah: I love you so much baby xxxx
Gary. Xx

Smith, Ben: Love you loads my babe. love from lisa xxxx

De Giorgio, Ben : Happy Valentines Day Baby! Thanks for being the best man in our lives ! Love both your girls xxx

William: Happy valentines william I love you

Darren: Happy valentines Darren all my love

Andy: love you

Chris: you are my world my everythingI am proud to be your .

Alison Fabi: To my sexy adorable wife Alison Fabi I love you more and more valentine or not valentine I love you my sexy.xxx

Sumner, Dale: I wish I had of met you sooner so I could love you longer can’t wait to be you wife.xx

Sumner, Dale: My love,my life,my heart thank you for being the reason I smile everyday your my forever valentine. Lana x

Foster, Lana: My beautiful wife to be thanku for everything and standing by me love you with all my heat Dale xxx

HAYES, ALAN: Thank you for being there for me each and every day, you’ll never know how truly grateful i am. Love you. Faith x

John Hindmarch: To a devil from a devil who the devil sent it dustie

Christian: Happy Valentine’s Day love darren

Darren: Don’t tell Christian love always love Aaron

Aaron: Don’t tell Darren love always love Christian

My Mark: happy Valentine’s day. Love you to the moon and back. Always yours, your little midget gem. Xxxx

To my Black Country Lad: Love you with all of my heart, love you to the Moon andback. You have made my life complete. Lots of love from Your Cupcake xxxx

Dawn Clayton: We all love you very much!

Kev : Love you loadsfrom your secret admirer xx

Gibson, Paul: Happy valentines day daddy love you to the moon and back love jayden and kody.. xxxx

Lisa Dawson: My love for you will never die love you forevermore from the day we met and for eternity.

Katrina Glover: xxx will you always and forever be my valentine xxx

K: I love you thank you for standing by my side through everything, now we can be happy together. F

Vicky: as every year goes by my love for you grows stronger. Your my rock, my world, my everything. Love you. Ed

STANBROOK, JANET: Happy Valentine’s day gorgeous, love you so much, all my love Gazza xxxx

Luke Carter: Happy valentines day️ love from your wife. Xxxxx

Luke Carter: happy valentines day daddy, you are our first love and we love you lots love annalise & milo

Dixon, Robert: I did back then, I do now and always will, love you! Love Mrs D!

Dawson, Dean: I love you more than you will ever know, despite all you been through my heart will always be yours.

Dawson, Dean and Lisa: We love you more than anything, you’re the best foster parents ever

Coupland, Jamie: Happy Valentine’s Day, Love you millions babe, forever and always Donna xxxx

Amanda Brown: Roses are red, violets are blue. I’ve never met someone as wonderful as you. Your babe John Musson xxx

Blue Eyes: Have a great day. Love you loads. From Flipper xxxxxx

Smith, Maggie: Lots of love Nigel

Leah, Bradley, Orlah-Lea & Pixie-Lou: Happy Valentine’s day. Love you all loads. Daddy xxxxxx

Ana Fernandes: Love you always. Rob xxxx

Totman, Jenny: It’s now nearly fifty happy years together. Let’s make it another happy year. Love David

Pearcy Mark: Handsome mil times n back. Love Lisa AKA Loopy Lou x

Louise: Love you always. I wait for you.

Willcock, Phil: We fell in love years ago and 30 years later we got married. “ A fairy love”. “Ich liebe dich”. My love forever Phil. Ann

Victoria: Will love you forever. Happy Valentine’s day. Winston xxx lic lic lic

Paul Abraham: Would you be my Valentine’s? Guess who xx

Stewart on Centrebus: You can drive me anywhere, you drive me mad. You can park your bus anytime.

Steve Watts: You sexy buns & body.

Welham, Cynthia: Thank you for the wonderful 10 years of marriage. Happy Valentine’s Day. All my love, Ian xxx

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