Grantham lorry driver rescues toddler on dual carriageway in middle of the night

Simon Buzdygan-Neal
Simon Buzdygan-Neal
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A dad has described his shock after discovering a toddler on a dual carriageway on
 his own in the the middle of the night.

Simon Buzdygan-Neal, aged 35, was driving a lorry of frozen food with transport company XPO Logistics, along the A43 in Northampton last Thursday, when he spotted the youngster standing in the road at 1am.

The father-of-one who lives in Grantham with his wife and four-month-old son, said: “I was just driving along when I saw something in the road. Not thinking too much about it, I went to overtake the object. It was only when I got closer that I realised that it was a little boy. I couldn’t believe it.”

Simon immediately pulled over and sprinted to where the boy was stood alone and barefoot.

Simon added: “When he saw me coming, he started walking up the island towards the sliproad. He was wearing a dressing gown over his pyjamas and holding his shoes in his hands, but as there was still snow on the ground, he was freezing cold. He started crying so I lifted him up to comfort him.”

Simon flagged down another car who happened to be passing to explain what had happened but was surprised when the driver didn’t seem too troubled and drove away.

After contacting the police, Simon placed the toddler in his lorry to warm up.

He added; “When I told the police they kept asking me to repeat what I was saying as I don’t think they could believe it. I asked the little boy where his mummy and daddy were and although he had stopped crying, I couldn’t understand what he was trying to say. I guessed he was about two or three-years-old.”

After the police quickly arrived on the scene, the child was taken to the local police station and Simon continued on with his journey.

He added; “It was only as I was driving away, that the shock really hit me. I kept putting my head in my hands. I dread to think what could have happened had I not have found him. It is a route I have driven many times but nothing like this has ever happened.”

Anxious to know what happened to the little boy, Simon contacted Northampton Police the next day, who confirmed that he had been reunited with his parents at 4.45am after police had made enquries.

Simon is still in disbelief a week on.

He said: “People have called me a hero but I’d like to think that anyone would have done exactly the same.”