Grantham man confined to home thanks to faulty wheelchair frame

Chris Nadollek is fed up of waiting for engineers to visit his Grantham home and fix his wheelchair.
Chris Nadollek is fed up of waiting for engineers to visit his Grantham home and fix his wheelchair.
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A MAN was stuck in his house for four days waiting for an engineer to fix his broken wheelchair for the fifth time in six months.

Chris Nadollek, of Tamar Court, Grantham, got the wheelchair in April and has had to have repairs about every six weeks because the frame is bent, meaning the front left wheel gets extra pressure. He has had five new sets of castors in six months.

He said: “I’ve been in a wheelchair for 16 years and I’ve never had something go wrong in the first year before.”

The latest problem happened on Saturday when the left castor broke. Mr Nadollek had to wait until Monday before he could call the service provider, Millbrook Healthcare, to fix the chair. He said he then had to call more than 50 times before he got hold of someone who could arrange for an engineer.

He said: “I was stuck in the house because the wheel doesn’t turn properly. If the wheel fails, it will throw me out of the wheelchair.”

This is not the first time he said he has had problems getting help from the company. And he said when engineers do come out they just do emergency repairs to the chair, which he believes should be returned to the manufacturer because of the fault with the frame.

He said: “The way I see a wheelchair is the way you see shoes; if people have an odd pair of shoes on they know something’s not right. It may account for the last three months, I’ve had problems with my left hip.”

Mr Nadollek has his wheelchair provided and serviced by NHS Lincolnshire but he said the problems only started when Millbrook took over.

He added: “It’s hard enough being in a wheelchair without having to fight like this to get about.”

On Wednesday an engineer replaced the castors again and confirmed the chair’s measurements are wrong. Mr Nadollek has been told someone will be in touch. Millbrook Healthcare were not available for comment.

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