Grantham man died of excess alcohol and drugs

Grantham Magistrates Court
Grantham Magistrates Court
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An unemployed man was found dead at his father’s home after dying of a fatal combination of excess alcohol and heroin, an inquest heard.

Scott Meadows, 33, was found dead by his father at Hilltop Farm Cottages in Croxton Kerrial on April 29. A post mortem report said the combination of alcohol and heroin may have had a depressant effect on Mr Meadows.

The inquest, at Grantham Magistrates’ Court, heard that Mr Meadows had taken soft drugs as a teenager before starting to take heroin at the age of about 19. He became addicted to alcohol. He tried to give up the drugs and alcohol and sought help from his doctor and Addaction.

The inquest was told that Mr Meadows mostly lived with his mother in Huntingtower Road, Grantham, where a note was found after his death in which he said he “had had enough”. During the 1990s Mr Meadows was given prescriptions of medthodone to combat his heroin use. He last took methodone in October 2012 and in February he failed to attend a meeting with a substance misuse team. He was last seen alive at 9.30pm and his father found him in bed upstairs the next morning.

Coroner Stuart Fisher concluded that Mr Meadows died as a result of dependent abuse of drugs and alcohol.