Grantham man goes the extra mile to share the Olympic values of respect and friendship

Gareth Bowles with all his Flags. 569C
Gareth Bowles with all his Flags. 569C
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FLAGS of dozens of nations fly from the home of a man who believes the Olympics can teach us a thing or two about respecting our neighbours.

Gareth Bowles, 41, has adorned the external walls of his home in Fletcher Street, Grantham, with a number of flags he has spent some time sourcing.

But it is not because of a passion for the sporting competition per se, but more out of respect for his neighbours.

He said: “A football match is a football match and you support your English team. But the Olympics is really about the best of the best from all the way around the world, bringing everyone together.

“It’s not just about religion, culture, creed or whatever, it’s about everybody coming together and being involved.

“The Olympics is about all these different people that reach such a high level in their field, they have respect for those running against them. They’ve got nothing against them.

“In the same way, we should respect our neighbours.”

Mr Bowles visited auctions and searched online auction site eBay to track down as many flags as he could, although he does not have the full collection of more than 200.