Grantham man in three-year fight with window firm

Tommy Cox works on his windows at home.
Tommy Cox works on his windows at home.
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A Grantham man claims he was sold the wrong windows three years ago and has taken matters into his own hands after the company refused to take the matter further.

Tommy Cox, of Prospect Place, bought five double-glazed windows from Anglian Home Improvements in 2011 for £2,500. He signed a form which he thought would entitle him to have “super efficient energy-saving windows” installed at his home.

But Mr Cox says the windows fitted were “bog-standard” and let in the cold and draughts.

After three years of trying to get Anglian to sort the problem out, Mr Cox this week began filling in gaps around his windows with expanding foam because he says they have not been fitted properly.

Mr Cox said: “I signed those forms thinking I was signing for super-efficient energy-saving windows. He put me down for bog standard windows.”

Mr Cox claims Anglian offered to replace the windows for an extra £100 each.

A few weeks ago, a spokesman for Anglian said: “Having looked into this issue I can confirm that Mr Cox’s installation is exactly what is stated on his contract with Anglian. Mr Cox signed this contract and the subsequent survey paperwork which outlines on both documents the type of windows to be fitted. Anglian has fulfilled this contract in full. We are sorry that Mr Cox believes his windows have been installed incorrectly and can only reiterate this is not the case. Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Anglian and as such we are disappointed that Mr Cox still feels aggrieved about this.”

But this week Mr Cox went to work on his own windows and says the expanding foams he has put in the top of his front window has made a big difference, stopping the draughts.

And on Wednesday, a man representing Anglian called at the house and inspected the windows. He told Mr Cox he would report back and inform him of any further decision by the company.