Grantham man Paul has 50th run in his sights

Paul Durham
Paul Durham
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A fund-raiser is well on his way to completing his bid to finish 50 10km runs in 50 days.

Paul Durham, 62, is raising money for Karl Bullimore, a former Harrowby United footballer who has a rare form of bladder cancer.

Paul will have completed 40 runs today (Thursday), taking him well over 400km. Some days Paul will strive to run more than 10k and on his last day, on Sunday, September 11, he will complete a half marathon.

Paul said: “At the moment everything is going OK, if a bit tough on some days.”

His first 10k run coincided with a charity football match held to raise money for Karl. A Grantham Town 
Legends team took on a Harrowby United line-up.

Paul, of Lime Grove, Grantham, says it was a coincidence that the Great Northern Run (GNR) fell on the 50th day. He was already signed up to take part and so, although it is a half marathon and not a 10k race, it will be his 50th run for Karl. Paul played alongside him at Harrowby United and they were in Grantham Swimming Club together.

Other members of Paul’s family are also supporting Karl .

Paul said: “On my 48th run on Friday, September 9, I am running it with my club mates from Grantham Running Club, starting at the Royal Queen Pub and finishing roughly an hour later when we will have a get together in the pub with Karl and his family before I do my 49th run on the Saturday morning. I am then driving up to Newcastle to do my last 10k at the Great North Run on the Sunday.

“The Great North Run itself is going to be tough as it’s a half marathon distance and all my training for it has been doing the 50 10kms, hence why I have added some extra miles into some of my runs but whatever happens I will finish it somehow. It will be about my seventh GNR so I know the course and how hard it can be.

“Most of my 10k runs I have done solo but I have also done some with both my daughters. Penny Hodges and Holly Durham. and I have had a lot of help from my friends at Grantham Running Club who have joined me in some of the runs.

“The week after the Great North Run, both my daughters and myself are competing at Equinox, a 24-hour relay event held at Belvoir Castle.

“Holly is running the event solo so will be running the 10k off-road course constantly for 24 hours. Both myself and Penny are running in teams of eight people, taking it in turns to run the 10k course non-stop in 24 hours. Again we are running this for Karl.”

Any donations can be made direct to Karl’s fund-raising page, goget