Grantham man Stuart Bowers dies after years of hospital treatment following accident

Stuart and Rowena Bowers pictured in 2011. 6182 H ENGEMN00120110111152833
Stuart and Rowena Bowers pictured in 2011. 6182 H ENGEMN00120110111152833
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A Grantham man who was seriously injured in an accident 16 years ago and who hoped to get a kidney transplant has died in hospital.

Stuart Bowers, 62, died in Lincoln County Hospital earlier this month. Mr Bowers was seriously hurt when he was hit in the stomach by a flagpole in Springfield Road in February 2000. He took the full force of the 20-foot pole and was lucky to survive.

The flagpole was blown over in 50mph winds while Mr Bowers was riding his scooter to work. It hit him as he passed the Impress can-making factory.

After four months in hospital he was allowed to go home. He ended up on dialysis which he needed three times a week.

His wife, Rowena, of Hillside Avenue, said: “He was on dialysis three times a week. He was always in hospital. He fought hard right to the end. He never gave up. He was a very brave man. He was in pain every day but he carried on.”

Mr Bowers worked as an engineer at Barford’s all his career, starting there as an apprentice. He, his family and friends enjoyed motorbikes and they regularly went to the Isle of Man TT Races before his accident.

Rowena said: “His brothers and friends all owned bikes. But he did not ride after his accident. That really hurt him. The accident ruined our lives. I ended up having a stroke.”

Mr Bowers’ funeral takes place at Grantham Crematorium at 4pm on Wednesday. A procession of bikers will accompany Mr Bowers’ coffin to the funeral service and pass by the former Barford’s site on Houghton Road.

In 2011, Mr Bowers gave his backing to the Journal’s Save a Life Campaign which encouraged readers to carry a donor card.