Grantham MP adds spin to party policy

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OUR MP Nick Boles communicates to his electorate en masse in his occasional journal column, so in the time since my previous letter what have we seen?

We have been told how this year will be a great year for Britain due to the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee. We have learned how he asked a spoon-fed question in PMQs regarding bringing our troops home from Afghanistan (nice and safe subject there Nick). We have heard of his denouncement of the national public sector strikes (completely in line with party policy). And we have had his backing for the Grantham hospital managers against the findings of the journal and hospital staff (I seem to remember there was a bit of a turnaround on that one.)

And what do we get in the latest column last week week?

His backing for the Conservative led elected Police Commisioners. This is a manifesto policy that wasn’t even agreed by their coalition partners who wanted things done differently. So once more we have our local MP publicising a party policy and putting a local spin on it.

I was quite amused when I read that the Lincolnshire police force had had “years of underfunding” and was now “facing further cuts”.

Who is making those further cuts to an already underfunded police force?


Wensleydale close