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Grantham MP to support government tonight but his Bill could see Brexit delayed until December

Grantham MP Nick Boles says he is backing the government tonight in Labour’s Vote of No Confidence.

But the MP’s parliamentary ‘coup’ against Brexit, could see Britain’s departure from the European Union delayed until the end of December.

The former minister explains why in an article on his website called ‘Stopping No Deal Brexit.’

Mr Boles wrote: "Some of the MPs working on this are strong supporters of the PM’s deal. Others will be voting against the deal.

"But all of the MPs involved are united in the belief that a no deal Brexit in our current state of preparedness would be against the national interest.

"We anticipate that if [we] succeed in obtaining majorities in the House of Commons, then the Bill will subsequently also secure wide support in the House of Lords and will therefore quickly become law."

Under his plans, control of the Brexit negotiations will pass to the parliamentary liaison committee if a plan cannot be agreed within a certain time frame.

The committee is made up of 36 select committee chairmen, mainly Remainers, including chairman Tory Sarah Wollaston, who advocates a second referendum.

Last night, after Theresa May’s historic defeat, Mr Boles took to social media to blame the prime minister for the result.

He said: “I voted for the PM’s deal tonight and will of course back her in tomorrow’s confidence vote. But be in no doubt that she is the architect of tonight’s defeat.

“Theresa May has just shown us what happens when you think that the support of 200 MPs is enough to win a Commons vote. The prerequisite for any sustainable Brexit deal is the support of 200 Conservatives and 200 opposition MPs.

“The Prime Minister has tried to dictate terms to Parliament. She must now accept that Parliament will set the terms of Brexit and it is her job as head of government to deliver them.

“Instead she must work with opposition MPs to redraw the Political Declaration on our Future Relationship so that it promises a soft Brexit like that offered by Common Market 2.0 - or what Michel Barnier calls Norway Plus

“She has approached the Brexit negotiation as if she commanded a majority of 150 in the Commons. She has conducted the argument as if this was a party political matter rather than a question of profound national importance of legitimate concern to all MPs.

“This must now change. She will not be able to rescue her Brexit deal by tweaking the backstop or offering concessions to hardline Brexiters.”

Earlier today, Mr Boles took to twitter again to warn of a ‘smear campaign’ against him and fellow rebels, who are pushing for a halfway house measure between EU membership and Leave, known as Norway-plus.

He said: “A prediction for colleagues in Parliament and the media: today Tom Baldwin, Alistair Campbell will resume their attacks on the Common Market 2.0 plan and MPs in the Norway Plus group. Expect another dodgy dossier full of erroneous claims and wild distortions

“It will be straight out of the Blair playbook. There will be smears against key figures in the Norway Plus campaign. They will send out otherwise decent and honourable MPs who support a second referendum to peddle scare stories about Common Market 2.0.

“It’s all so stupid and so unnecessary. The bill that I have introduced to the Commons would give the Liaison Committee (chaired by a prominent People’s Vote supporter) the opportunity to propose a second referendum and put it to a vote in the Commons.

“Those of us who want to stop ‘no deal’ Brexit and would prefer a soft Brexit to a hard Brexit should work together not try and take lumps out of each other.”

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