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Grantham MP Nick Boles under more pressure as Radio 4 visits town

Grantham MP Nick Boles has reportedly come under fresh pressure to stand down.

The call came from South Kesteven District Council cabinet member Helen Goral.

Coun Goral was quoted by BBC Lincolnshire today as saying: “Nick has been fairly disingenuous and hasn't listened to us and, actually, as a constituency I think we want an MP who is not only going to listen and engage with their residents but also take that on board."

Nick Boles (6501692)
Nick Boles (6501692)

The district councillor made similar comments to BBC Radio 4 when the World this Weekend visited Grantham over the weekend.

World at One featured how constituency MP Nick Boles was backing plans for parliament to take control of the Brexit process from government in a bid to stop a No Deal Brexit.

The programme, broadcast yesterday, featured a roundtable discussion with SKDC council leader Matthew Lee, Grantham & Stamford Conservative association chairman Philip Sagar, Coun Goral and Lincolnshire County Council leader Martin Hill, who is also vice-president of the association.

Coun Goral told the programme she wanted “more engagement with the constituency” from Mr Boles.

“We voted in great numbers to leave. It’s important our MP and representative in parliament recognises that.”

Mr Sagar said Nick Boles had once said he would try and make Brexit a success but “his version of Brexit doesn’t sit well with members.”

Of those that have written to Mr Sagar, the association chairman told the programme some 92 per cent of the 180 letters and emails are “unfortunately calling for his deselection.”

Coun Lee praised the MP’s work on his Norway plans, calling it 'very good', and said the country needed a transition.

“The Prime Minister needs to get consensus before she can make her decision. We need to get something through parliament.”

However, Coun Hill called it ‘madness’ to take leaving without a deal off the table. He said if you remove your major trump card, the EU won’t give anything. “There’s a strong suspicion they really want to Remain.”

Mr Sagar said he wanted a common market, not a European Union, so some kind of Norway deal is appropriate. “But I do not hold truck with the idea of some MPs taking power from an elected government to start dictating what should happen next.”

Coun Hill added: “There were clear manifesto commitments we will come out of the Customs Union and the Single Market. So MPs like Nick Boles need to explain why they are breaking a manifesto commitment.

“It’s more than just the EU for me, but whether politicians are prepared to deliver a referendum result many did not agree with. If they don’t do that, it will be bad for the politics of the country.”

Mr Boles was invited to appear on the show but reportedly declined.

However, in other BBC programmes he has said of his critics: "They're entirely entitled to their view, they're entitled to be members of the Conservative party and they're entitled to de-select me.

"But I am not going to change what I believe is in the interest of the 80,000 people I represent in Parliament because of 100 people in my constituency party."

This afternoon, as Prime Minister Theresa May was to address parliament on her latest Brexit plans, Mr Boles tweeted: “Proud to be working with @YvetteCooperMP to ensure that Brexit happens on the basis of a deal agreed by the EU and a majority of MPs.”

Mr Boles has also promised to address constituents on his stance in this week's Journal column.

A recording of the programme can be found at https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00024rk

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