Grantham MP on Baroness Thatcher: ‘one of the most extraordinary women who ever existed’

Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher
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Grantham should be “proud” of Baroness Thatcher who “was one of the most extraordinary women to have ever existed in the history of Britain”, says town MP Nick Boles.

Speaking to the Journal today, Mr Boles said of the former Prime Minister who died this morning: “While she was a controversial figure, I think Grantham has every right to be proud of her and I hope that in future the town will feel able to celebrate the fact she not only came from Grantham but also that she embodied the values of Grantham people and brought those to the government and to the world.”

Looking at a few of the highlights of Baroness Thatcher’s time as Prime Minister, Mr Boles said: “She understood more than most leaders the everyday dreams of working people and understood the desire to own their own homes which is fundamental to everybody. She made that possible, to own it, to improve it and to pass it on to their children, which was a very important step and we must continue to do this for every generation.”

Mr Boles added: “If you were Polish, Hungarian or Czech I bet most of them thought of her as one of one or two people responsible for the tyranny of communism coming to an end in a peaceful way by making a stand with Reagan and Kohl. She is not just a remarkable figure for the UK but for the world.”

Mr Boles said he hoped Grantham would now go on and celebrate Baroness Thatcher. He said: “I hope we do a better job of it than we have until now. There was lasting controversy about what she did, but now she has passed on it’s right to think of a memorial and if it’s a statue then that’s one particular step. I think all those institutions she was associated with should come forward with ideas. I hope the town will now understand that along with Sir Isaac Newton she is the only other person who can have an equal claim to an historical legacy in the town and we should celebrate both of them and take advantage of the fact that the town has produced such a remarkable woman.”

Mr Boles added: “She was an inspiration for girls growing up. Her politics were irrelevant. She was a woman from very ordinary circumstances who took on an entirely male-dominated world and not just beat all the men, but had them wrapped around her finger.

“She showed that it is possible for a woman to do anything in today’s world.”

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