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Grantham MP says Theresa May did not give him 'a clear answer'

Nick Boles yesterday has accused the prime minister of not giving him 'a clear answer' when he asked her a question in parliament yesterday.

The Grantham MP urged the Prime Minister to consider his idea of Britain joining what Mr Boles calls the 'Norway' option, instead of her unpopular Chequers proposal.

Mr Boles said in the House of Commons yesterday: "During the (Brexit) implementation period, the UK would be subject to all EU rules, including on freedom of movement. Why then does my right hon. Friend continue to rule out membership of the European Economic Area and the European Free Trade Association as an alternative interim state?"

Theresa May responded:"What we are of course looking at in relation to the proposals that have been put forward is for a limited period to have the backstop that ensures no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. The two proposals that have been put forward deliver on that.

" Where it would come to the situation, as proposed, where it was a sovereign choice for the UK, of course decisions would have to be taken about the wider issues in terms of the exact arrangements for those proposals, but the key thing is for those proposals to ensure that we have no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland."

In the questions that followed, Mrs May also made no references to EFTA or the European Economic Area.

Mr Boles tweeted afterwards: "I asked the PM why she continues to reject EEA/EFTA as an interim when the transition that she proposes would see the UK bound by all EU rules including freedom of movement. I think it’s fair to say that I did not get a clear answer."

His comments follow the Grantham MP last week saying Theresa May is losing the support of colleagues of all views.

The MP has also publicised his own ideas for Britain to adopt a half-way house between full EU membership, known as the Norway option, before moving on to something more independent, known as Canada+++.

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