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Grantham mum's anger at 'late and overcrowded' school bus

By Grantham Reporter

A frustrated mum has hit out at a bus company for failing to pick up schoolchildren on time.

Mum-of-two Kate Breaze claims that the school bus service to Sir William Robertson Academy in Welbourn rarely turns up on time and her 12-year-old son is often late for his lessons.

She says that while it’s been an ongoing problem, it has got out of hand in recent weeks.

She said: “My son Dominic has to catch the bus at 7.45am each morning. The school ask them to be at the bus stop 15 minutes before the scheduled pick up time so he is always there by 7.30am.

“But it can often mean that he and all the other schoolchildren that use this service can be waiting for up to an hour. It’s not fair on them especially in freezing or wet weather like it has been recently.”

Kate claims that she has been forced to drive take Dominic to school twice since September after the bus still hadn’t arrived after an hour.

She said: “It means that not only is Dominic late for school but I am late for work too. It has always been unreliable but it has been getting worse since September.

“It is not just Dominic that I am concerned for but all the kids that use that service too.”

Kate is also concerned about the impact it is having on Dominic’s education, adding: “Dominic is dyslexic and has a small word processor to help him type during his lessons.

“He needs to collect it from the school office each morning but he is too stressed to get it when he’s not there on time for fear that it would make him even later for his first lesson, so he often goes without it which means he falls even further behind.”

Kate says that it all came to a head last week when the bus driver couldn’t take the pupils to school due to icy weather conditions.

She said: “All the pupils got on the bus at Sunningdale only to be told to get straight back off as the driver said it was too icy to go any further.”

Unable to leave work to take Dominic to school, Kate arranged for him to stay at his friend’s house in the morning and then she had take the afternoon off work to be with him.

She added: “This can’t go on. We pay nearly £70 a month for a service that we are not getting.

“It is not just the morning service either. Their bus home is open to the public so it is often overcrowded and my son has had to sit on the floor several times.”

After being contacted by the Journal, a spokesman from Stagecoach said: “The difficult road conditions last week did result in a service being significantly late at Sir William Robertson Academy certainly on one day.

“This delay was unfortunately unavoidable and beyond the control of the company. The Academy was informed of the delay as soon as reasonably possible, which is our usual practice. We have an excellent working relationship with SWRA and look forward to maintaining this in the future.

“We will try to maintain the high level of customer service that is general practice within Stagecoach.”

Kate Taylor, Dominic Taylor, James Marshall. (6774307)
Kate Taylor, Dominic Taylor, James Marshall. (6774307)

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