Grantham owner sends warning after her cats dies from eating slug pellets

Slug pellets can prove fatal to cats.
Slug pellets can prove fatal to cats.
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A cat owner has warned people to be careful when using slug pellets after her cat died from eating them.

Sally Young, of Derwent Road, Grantham, said her eight-year-old cat Simba died last week after eating pellets. Simba spent five days seriously ill with a vet before it was decided he had to be put down.

Mrs Young said she was very upset and her nine-year-old daughter Tiffany was devastated at losing Simba.

Mrs Young said: “My little girl is devastated. Simba died a horrible death. I know we cannot get Simba back but I hope II can save more pets by warning people not to use these pellets.

“I found Simba under the trampoline last Thursday. He had had a couple of fits because of the pellets. The vets were fantastic, but we got a call on Sunday and we had to let him go to sleep.

“The blood tests came back from the vets which said that Simba had eaten the pellets.

“I think it is important that people are aware there are other alternatives to these pellets. You can buy slug pellets which are not dangerous to animals. You can also use egg shells and salt. People should read the small print when they are buying pellets so they know they are not poisonous to animals.”

Simba was taken to Bray House veterinary surgery in Dysart Road where his treatment cost almost £600.

But Mrs Young said the service at the vets was fantastic.

She added: “If I can prevent other cats and dogs from the same death as Simba then that will be a good thing. I think there are so many people who do not realise how dangerous these pellets can be.”