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Grantham parents' anger as children refused all school choices

By Grantham Reporter

Parents in Grantham have vented their anger after many of them failed to get their children into any of the secondary schools they had selected.

Twenty-eight youngsters across Grantham have been given a school that was not on their list of choices.

They have been further angered by a statement from Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) which said the vast majority of parents had been successful in getting their children into their first-choice school and only 2.3 per cent of children, which equates to 192, have been offered a local school that isn’t one of their preferences.

Many of those affected have vented their frustration on social media, revealing they feel that the “whole system is a let down.”

Charlotte Keidel, who lives off Springfield Road, Grantham, said her daughter had been allocated West Grantham Academy St Hugh’s, which was not one of her choices.

Charlotte said: “We put down Priory first, Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School (KGGS) and Belvoir High but we’ve been given St Hugh’s.

“We waited up until midnight to see where she had been given. She missed out on KGGS by just a few marks but I was told that I could still put it down as a choice if she had taken the 11+. Now I wish that I hadn’t.

“This is such an important stage of her life.

“She wasn’t happy when we told her. She’s a quiet girl and quite anxious so this has been very hard.”

Charlotte received a letter from St Hugh’s this week confirming her daughter’s place but acknowledging that ‘it was not your first choice of school and the news of this may therefore cause some apprehension for you and your child.’

Charlotte plans to appeal the decision.

Holly Marshall’s daughter has also been given a place at St Hugh’s after not getting into any of her choice of schools.

Holly, who lives on Edward Street, Grantham, said: “My daughter put two choices for her secondary school and wasn’t allocated a place at any of them.

“She was instead offered a place at St Hugh’s. I’ve now got absolutely no idea what the best route to take is. I’m not guaranteed a place after an appeal and I could apply for another school that I might not get in to.

“I’m baffled, as I know people that have put Priory as a second choice and given it when my daughter put it as first and was refused it. The whole system is a let down. It’s really gutting.”

Other parents shared similar stories online.

Sarah Widdowson posted: “My daughter didn’t get any of her choices and got offered St Hugh’s. I have appealed straight away and hope she gets one of her choices at least. This isn’t fair at all especially that people got Walton that hadn’t even put it as a choice.”

Paul Martin posted on Facebook: “In 2014, 488 pupils did not receive their first choice.

“In 2019 that figure is 950. That is double the number not getting a place in five years.”

Parents have until March 29 to lodge an appeal if they are unhappy with the offered school.

If they return the appeal form by the deadline it will be heard before the end of the summer term - if it is received late it will still be heard but this may be in the last week of term or even in September.

Visit: www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/schooladmissions

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