Grantham potholes: Why has Harrowby Road been resurfaced when other roads in town need work much more urgently?

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The Mayor of Grantham has questioned the purpose of resurfacing a road in Grantham when others clearly need much more urgent work.

Coun Mike Cook says there are far worse roads in the town compared to the stretch of Harrowby Road which was resurfaced last week and was only resurfaced in 2015 when the zebra crossing was installed opposite St Anne’s School.

In a letter to the Journal Coun Cook, who represents St Vincent’s ward in which the road is located, says: “There did not appear on the surface any reason for this work to be carried out as there are other areas in a far worse state, and do need urgent attention.

“I refer to the stretch of Sandon Road opposite St Mary’s School; the stretch of road at the top of St Catherine’s Road, junction with Sandon Road; the area at the junction of Wharf Road, St Peter’s Hill and London Road (a major crossroads in the town), and the Hill Avenue and Belton Lane junction.

“I am aware of the financial restrictions in place, but would query how the work is prioritised.”

The zebra crossing was completed in September 2015 after several years of wrangling over whether or not it should be built and over its design.

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Highways said: “A new zebra crossing was installed on Harrowby Road a couple of years ago. Certain sections of the work haven’t lasted as long as they should, so the contractor was called back to put it right at no cost to the taxpayer.

“The approach we take to prioritising general road repairs can be found in our highways asset management plan, which is available on our website.

“Belton Lane is set to be resurfaced later this year, while Sandon Road will be included in a future programme.”