Grantham Preparatory School receives Platinum award

Granthm Prep School receives the Platinum Sports Award
Granthm Prep School receives the Platinum Sports Award
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Grantham Prep school has been awarded a government Platinum Sportsmark Award in recognition of the schools’ sporting commitments to both curriculum and extra curricular sport.

The school has received a Gold Mark each year since 2012 for showing determination and commitment to competitive sport and to a healthy lifestyle.

The school says it is very proud of its sporting traditions and each year has striven to encourage more children to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle and also aims to involve a high percentage of the 
pupils in local clubs in their free 

The school said: “The combined hard work by children, staff and parents has been recognised by the government award which is the first in the county and one of only 104 across the whole country.”

Recently, the award was presented by Terry Plum and Sharon Bray of the South Kesteven Sports partnership to the school’s head of PE, Drew Park.