Grantham railway bridge: Brick ‘narrowly misses toddler’ as train passes overhead

It is claimed this brick fell from the railway bridge on Barrowby Road.
It is claimed this brick fell from the railway bridge on Barrowby Road.
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A toddler had a lucky escape when a brick fell from the ceiling of a railway bridge, narrowly missing the two-year-old girl’s pushchair.

Agnieszka Dziubak, 31, was on her way to Asda last Tuesday, when she walked underneath Barrowby Road railway bridge with her daughter strapped in her pushchair.

She said: “As soon as I heard the train approaching, I stopped in the middle of the viaduct because I have always been scared that something might fall on my head due to the pressure of a train above it.”

Just moments after Agnieszka stopped, she claims a brick fell from the ceiling, narrowly missing her daughter’s pushchair.

Agnieszka, who works as a production worker at Moy Park Grantham, added: “I heard a loud noise and suddenly the brick fell. It landed several dozen centimeters in front of the pushchair. I was in complete shock and just stood there for a few minutes unable to believe that my daughter and I had been lucky enough to miss it. I could not stop thinking about what could have happened if I did not stop. We were lucky to walk away.”

After calming down, the mum of one contacted Network Rail, who said they would send someone out to fix it.

Agnieszka added: “I went back to have a look a few days after and the brick was still laying there. I still have to walk through the tunnel and I am nervous every time. I always make sure I listen for a train before I walk quickly through it. It is a tragedy waiting to happen.”

A Network Rail spokesperson said: “On Wednesday, February 22, a member of the public reported that a brick had fallen from a railway bridge on Barrowby Road, Grantham.

“Bridge examiners from Network Rail visited the bridge on the same day that the incident was reported to us. The examiners found the bridge to be in good condition and no evidence that a brick was missing from the structure.

“The member of the public did exactly the right thing in contacting us and we would encourage anyone who has concerns about the railway infrastructure to call the Network Rail National Helpline on 03457 11 41 41.”