Grantham residents’ parking scheme still on track

Coun Ray Wootten
Coun Ray Wootten
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Plans for Grantham’s first residents’ parking scheme are still on track.

Following the initial residents survey and request submitted to SKDC for a residents’ parking scheme an additional survey has been carried out.

It was decided at a meeting of South Kesteven District Council officers and the county council Area Highways Manager that further examination of the area around Redcross Street and Alford Street would be carried out to examine all parking restrictions within the area. This will establish if improved signage and markings can ensure there is space for all residents to park.

When the scheme was first proposed, 77 per cent of residents who responded to a survey supported a call for the introduction of a scheme.

Local county councillor Ray Wootten said: “I know that it has been a long time since the initial survey was submitted on behalf of residents to SKDC but we have to ensure that if a scheme in Grantham went ahead the support would be sustained, especially to pay for a parking permit and to ensure the location selected could cope with residents’ vehicles. A similar scheme in Stamford took two years to get off the ground.”

A door-to-door survey will also take place to establish how many cars are owned by residents in the area. This survey is also planned for Castlegate and its surrounding streets.