Grantham residents win fight to stop hospital visitors parking on their street

Parking is being restricted in Langford Gardens, Grantham.
Parking is being restricted in Langford Gardens, Grantham.
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Residents have won their battle to have parking restrictions put on their road.

The residents of Langford Gardens have been angry for several years as visitors to Grantham Hospital, across the road, have clogged up their street to avoid paying parking fees.

Now Lincolnshire County Council has agreed to install parking restrictions on their road.

A council spokesman confirmed the waiting restrictions will be a single yellow line with signs to prevent parking between the hours of 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. The signs and lines were due to be installed yesterday.

The restrictions were welcomed by Darren Mitchell, chairman of the Langford Gardens Residents Association.

The Residents’ Association is very pleased to have finally achieved the introduction of parking restrictions on the entrance road to Langford Gardens. It has been a long process but the new restrictions should prevent inconsiderate parking in that area and ensure ready and continued access by all residents and their visitors to the estate. Our success also stands us in good stead to tackle the problem again should it arise in other parts of the estate.”

Residents have been contacting the Journal for at least the last seven years complaining of motorists making it difficult for residents to get out of their driveways and then facing a ‘slalom’ as they weave in between the cars parked on either side of the road.

Local councillor Ray Wootten, who has supported the residents on the issue, said: “This scheme was fully consulted on and had the support of residents. I hope that this resolves the problem.”

The problem in Langford Gardens was recently highlighted in a Journal Dozy Parkers article. One resident said: “I see this daily walking through Langford Gardens. These kinds of people force school kids, young ones on little bicycles, pushchairs and prams into the road near a junction and a blind bend.

“They regularly block drives and have prevented delivery vehicles from entering the road.”