Grantham’s G-Zone skatepark closes over safety concerns

Damage to G-Zone skatepark. 471D
Damage to G-Zone skatepark. 471D
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G-Zone skatepark in Grantham has been closed indefinitely as it has become “too dangerous” for the young people who use it.

Damaged ramps and structural issues have forced the closure of the popular skatepark, in the grounds of Wyndham Park, following a row between users on BMX bikes and those on scooters.

Damage to G-Zone skatepark. 471D

Damage to G-Zone skatepark. 471D

As reported in the Journal in recent weeks, scooters are blamed for the damage to ramps, with other users carrying out repairs themselves.

Pc Steve Cummings is a founder of G-Zone skatepark.

He said: “The decision was made following a major inspection on Tuesday afternoon and the committee had no option but to close as it would too dangerous for users to continue. The inspection was carried out with the re-forming of a new committee and also after concerns had been raised by some of the users.”

The park receives no funding from South Kesteven District Council, forcing the committee to raise money for repairs themselves. However, little cash remains and the committee is desperately seeking help, both financial and skilled, to ensure the facility stays open for young people.

Pc Cummings said: “The current committee and users have done a great job in patching up repairs to keep the park open for the last two years but it is now in need of major investment and a rebuild. The park has been an extremely well-used facility in Grantham since 2004 and there is no intention of giving up but looking towards re-design, re-development plus major fund-raising. This may take some time but sadly the park cannot continue in its current state.”

The committee, which includes stakepark users and Jenny Sutherland, owner of the nearby Old Pavilion Tea Room, is coming up with new designs and looking at making bids for funding.

Pc Cummings asked park users to understand the reasons for the closure. He said: “This will be disappointing to all the users but for safety reasons there is no choice. We also ask that users work with the committee and we hope to in the future be able to provide a bigger and better facility.”

SKDC’s property development manager Neil Cucksey added: “We will be able to give an update soon on the length of the time the park will be closed.”