Grantham’s generosity sees van loads of donations to help refugees in Europe

Donations poured into St Wulfram's Church to help refugees in the camps in Europe.
Donations poured into St Wulfram's Church to help refugees in the camps in Europe.
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An organiser has thanked the people of the town who donated items to help refugees on the Continent.

Jacqueline Henry, who set up Calais - People to People Solidarity - Grantham in September, said about six Transit van-fulls of goods have been taken over to Calais and to Hungary and Greece. She has stopped collecting donations now.

When Jacqueline set up the group the people of Grantham responded quickly and soon donations were piling up in St Wulfram’s Church which had agreed to store items.

People responded with items including clothing, tents, cooking equipment, food and toys.

Jacqueline said: “The response has been absolutely outstanding. It was incredible and it has not just been Grantham but other places such as Sleaford where donmations have come from.”

Jacqueline thanked volunteers who helped with the collections and also Lee Hughes who has taken donations over to the camp in Calais and local van driver John Eley who volunteered to drive donations over to Derby from where they have been distributed.

Jacqueline said: “It’s been tough but well worth it. It is one of those things where you feel you have never done enough, but it was well worth the effort.”

She also thanked St Wulfram’s Church which had been central to the collection process. Jacqueline set up a Facebook page for the support group which has attacted hundreds of likes.

“I am so pleased so many people have contributed in one way or another. I did not expect it to be this big.”