‘Grantham’s Gravity Fields will be back here in 2016’

Gravity Fields Festival 2014.
Gravity Fields Festival 2014.
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No sooner had this year’s Gravity Fields got underway than confirmation was made that the spectacular festival will be back in two years.

The event is organised by South Kesteven District Council and at Wednesday’s launch Councillor Linda Neal said: “And the answer to the question you have all been asking is ‘yes’ the festival will be back in 2016.”

Coun Neal said that as well as the event being great for local people, the council also had another very serious objective in mind.

She said: “We want to put Grantham on the map and maximise the district’s potential as a great investment centre because, thanks to the East Coast mainline, we are only an hour from London, we have fantastic road links with the A1 on our doorstep, we are a stone’s throw from all the major Midlands cities and yet we are surrounded by beautiful countryside.

“When you add all this to reasonable property prices and a great quality of life, we believe we have an offer to match anything anywhere in the country.

“Gravity Fields gives Grantham both regional and national exposure in the best possible light as it portrays the town in a positive and cultural light and it shows potential investors that if they spend their money here there will be plenty of worthwhile things to do away from the world of work,” said Coun Neal.

She added that the council was very aware of Grantham’s links with Sir Isaac Newton, arguably the world’s most eminent scientist ever, and proud to be able to call him the town’s most famous son.

This year’s festival contains 120 events covering serious science, educational sessions for children, artistic events and other activities which are quite simply good fun.

“The outdoor events – particularly the explosive transformation of the town on Saturday – all promise to be absolutely fabulous. And I am sure thousands of people will turn out to see the fantastic things that will unfold,” said Coun Neal.

The festival started with a bang on Wednesday – as simulated rocket launches were among the amazing light effects illuminated on to one Grantham’s famous landmarks.